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India is one of  the most populated countries in the world and offers nightlife  with a diverse and growing number  of  options.  You will find everything  from intimate bars and pubs to multi level nightclubs. India’s cities have a growing nightlife scene  that includes  everything  from pubs to lounges to discotheques. Apart  from  Friday and Saturday nights Wednesdays are also popular  evenings  for partying in india. 

Luxurious Night Clubs

Nightclubs in luxury hotels come with beautiful decor and prohibitive cover charges  and drink costs which only can afford  by the richest Indians. Everything is well organized and maintained here. Common people have dreams to spend time in these luxurious night clubs.

Legal Drinking Age

It’s helpful to know where to look for nighttime entertainment and to familiarize yourself  with the legal drinking  age. The age of legal consumption of alcohol in India is 25. Most pubs and restaurants may serve alcohol by 1.30 am.

 Truth of Today’s Generation Enjoyment

As we know that we are living in free India, where everyone has right to live his/her life according to their choice. Our today’s generation is very smart, intelligent and innovative. They believe in smart work and know very well that what to do in their life and manage everything in a well mannered. But there is something which they think is the right way of celebrating their success (that they have got after doing too much hardwork) . Clubs, discotheques, bars are full of young generation. They starts taking illegal drugs for enjoyment by looking one another. There are several types of drugs available like heroine, cocaine, afeem( these three drugs are too costly, not any one can afford) and Mephedrone ( it not too much costly). These drugs are not only famous in young jobs holder but also popular in other youngsters.

What is Mephedrone?

It is also known as : Meow meow, MCAT, m-cat, miaow, bubbles,  white magic etc. It’s a stimulant drug, chemically similar to amphetamines and derived from cathinone, also found in the drug khat.


Taking Mephedrone 

Mephedrone is a white , cream or yellow  coloured  powder  which can be snorted or swallowed  in ‘bombs’ ( wraps of paper) . It sometimes  comes as a capsule or pill.

Highs and  lows effect 

For about an hour after taking  mephedrone you may feel euphoric,  alert, some people will temporarily feel strong affection to those around  them,  confident and talkative. SOME PEOPLE DESCRIBE  IT AS BEING  LIKE A MIXTURE OF ECSTASY AND COCAINE.  It can reduce your appetite, so you don’t feel hungry. Mephedrone can also make users feel sick, aggressive and anxious. Taking it gives users a strong urge to re-dose. 

How Mephedrone and other drugs ruining lives ?

If someone takes Mephedrone 1-2 times per week, and only after a short period the person get addicted to it and starts taking 3-4 times per week. After being fully addicted to these kind of drugs the persons needs it regularly. If they don’t have money to buy it , they just get into debt because these people become habitual of Mephedrone and other drugs. In this way these drugs are ruining many people’s lives. 

How hard is it to stop taking it ?

When someone gets addicted to drugs, it’s getting hard to stop taking it. Although it’s tuff to stop but not impossible. If you have a strong will power and you really realized that it’s harmful for your health and wealth, you can stop taking it. The addicted person needs to focus on other activities and should join some hobby classes, yoga and Meditation to overcome from this drugs addiction. Most important thing is that it’s possession is illegal. 


Being addicted or habitual to anything is not beneficial for anyone. There are various ways to celebrate or enjoy with your family, friends, and colleagues etc. Every one loves to have fun with their loved ones, do enjoy but in a nice manner. 

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