In the whole world while we are taking every possible steps to tackle Corona outbreak, our government is trying their level best efforts for fighting against covid-19 ,  you will be surprised to know that this pandemic is affecting our environment in ways that will surprise you.

Alcohol Effect of Lockdown

As we all know that in lockdown there is no alcohol available anywhere . People are not drinking alcohol in these days. It really effects many people lives as many persons commonly quarrel or fight with their family members , mostly with their wives after drinking alcohol. Many house wives were suffering from this daily basis fights just because of alcohol consumption. But now these house wives are too happy .

People are spending their time with family and doing different activities like playing carrom, playing chess , watching TV or movies together . Children are most happy as they got too much time to spend with their dad and no alcohol add extra plus point in children lives too as their father’s have got more time to spend with children which earlier they used to spend on drinking with friends. 

  Air pollution down 

Everywhere in the world, Increases in smog in the country that usually experience it have been down just because of lockdowns. Due to lockdown no one is able to go outside to the work on place, means no vehicles are running on the road, there is no traffic, no pollution . With countries and cities many companies have adopted the work from home system and implementing , we encouraging social distancing. The need to travel for work place has gone down .  It has shown the sign of improved air quality and no noise pollution.                     

Effect On Rivers 

Water is clean in the rivers as all the factories are closed and no garbage is thrown by any one near to the rivers. People are at home , they can’t go anywhere near to the rivers and can’t throw anything on the name of holy things like pooja Ka samaan, pooja Ka Naariyal etc.    

 Effect On People Health

During lockdown we can see that there is no long queues in the government hospital like ddu hospital, rml hospital etc, because people are at home , they are not eating outside food, not drinking alcohol , no any pollution . People are at home they are eating home made food and they are fine as compared to earlier situation of before lockdown. Lockdown has some positive effects on environment as well as people’s life.

Effects on birds life

It has not only affected  human being life but also effected birds life. We can see that birds are flying in the clean sky. They are chirping in clean sky and enjoying thereselves.          

 Future Plan For Environment

When whole world would have overcome from this Corona Virus , we really need to think of a clear, well plan for our pollution free environment. All of us knows very well that it’s not a easy task and we can’t change anything regarding the pollution  but we can try to reduce pollution from our environment. We know it’s not easy , but it is also not impossible. We should do something to make our environment clean and healthy.

How to prevent Corona 

01.Stay at home

02.Keepsocial distancing

03.Use sanitizer

04.Washyour hands oftenly for 20 seconds.

05.Don’t touch your eyes or mouth.

06.cover your nose and mouth with your bent elbow or a tissue when you cough or sneeze.

Follow the directions of your local health authority.