Delhi is called dilli dilwon ki. Delhi is unique and the capital of India. The city is Known for its history, culture and political significance. There are many monuments, historical place, political place, many famous markets, big malls  in Delhi. Delhi wallas have too many options for shopping. They do shopping in malls , big markets like chandani chowk , Lajpat Nagar, Sarojini Nagar, sadar bazar, Khan market  etc. These places are very famous for shopping . 

Delhi is also famous for its delicious foods and drinks. Summers is that  time of the year when our body craves some flavoured drinks and we wants to drink cold drinks , packed juices. But this summer , try some traditional Delhi’s chillers and  lip-smacking street beverages that you can’t find in other places. 

I’m a Delhi boy, Delhi is home town, Delhi is Delhi and it’s incomparable to any city I have been to. I know Delhi very well . I’m going to explain some drinks / beverages which are most favourites to Delhi wala’s. I’m starting with the alcohol, this list is small and it’s not based on the actual spirit but it’s based on how Delhi wala’s are drinking it . 


EK bottle chaar dost in a car with coke/ sprite or soda . Rum, Whisky, Vodka anything can be mixed with cola and ice in the car . Half of the bottle used to make first peg for chaar dost and second half of the bottle is used to make second peg for 4 dost , it’s the trend of mostly Delhi wala’s. After drinking EK bottle either  they plan for long drive or they  plan for dinner in any restaurant and another bottle is ready to open .       It’s the story of mostly Delhi wala’s who are drinking with their best buddies. Whenever these dost’s  get time from their busy life or on weekends they started planning for drinking together. On the day of outing and drinking they started calling each other and they keep on calling until all the dost get ready for outing .

Lagta hai Bhai ki capacity pata nahi tujhe, IRON LIVER Hai Bc

Ganne Ka juice

In summers ganne ka juice found in every market , every street , near every bus stop in Delhi. It is one of the  favourite road side drink of Delhi. There’s something special about gaane Ka juice that shows us that it’s the  most Natural summer cooler. May be that’s because I can see the juice getting squeezed out of those long gaana’s sticks with lemon, mint and ginger. Lemon and mint enhanced it’s taste.

Juice wala Bartender

Each Alocohol shop in Delhi has its own small little environment like A cigarette shop wala, a Chakhna shop, a cold drink soda shop and a juice wala. In the evening there too much rush on liquor shop. The scene of outside the shop is very funny. People don’t get space for parking. Persons who come by car just try to get space for parking and people who come by two wheeler they just stop their two wheeler Infront of the shop and block the road, they are in hurry . One side they purchase their bottle and another side they signalling the juice wala to get ready his juice. 


We have our own soda, and it is called Banta. Nimbu lemon Banta, Masala soda, orange Banta , whatever it may call it still an fabulous delicious beverage. Soda water is stored in kaanch ki bottle and sealed with a marble on top. We open it by pushing down on the marble with our finger .  Each and every vendor has a great recipe that start with Banta bottle, lemon, the masala, ice , sugar , salt etc. Most of us  used to drink Banta in our childhood with our pocket money . I and my brother used to share a Banta purchased from our pocket money.  Those were very funny days of childhood.  Now Banta is available in pet bottle in many flavours.

Jal jeera

Jaljeera is stored in big mitti ka matka and kept cool by covering the pot with a wet cloth and the top of pot is nicely decorated by bunches of fresh mint leaves and lemon. Jaljeera is so famous in Delhi. It also helps in digestion .


It’s a sweet beverage made by adding milk, rose syrup or roohafza , ice cream, jelly pieces or tutty fruity cherry and ice cream. Falooda is a great drink which has  the many health benefits. After having some spicy food try out this tasty drink.

Aam panna

Living in the great dilli dil walo ki has its own benefits . Aam Panna drink is a healthy beverage and it  has many health benefits like it reduces depression, prevent dehydration and diarrhoea, boosts energy levels etc. It’s sweet – sour- spicy flavour of fresh kairi( kacchha aam) is awesome . 

Depaul’s coffee

Beginning from a small shop store at local street market Janpath with only two options– hot or cold cofee, Depaul’s has grown to an unimaginable size with multiple stores across Delhi. There are many flavours from roasted almond to the tongue twister coffee toffee caramel coffee. And these drinks are pocket friendly , prices starts from rs 40-70. This place is must go place while shopping nearly.

Depaul’s coffee

Keventer’s Milk Shake

Keventer’s Milk Shakes are very much tasty  and full of goodness. These milk Shakes are available in clear glass bottles. Cold full cream milk, Syrups and sugar , ice blended together and served chill is the simple recipe, It is available in many flavours. The delicious drink price starts from rs 50/-. 

Bel ka sharbat

Is another  streets favourite drink, the drink is made from a fruit Bel (wood apple) — so called because its outer side looks like a wooden ball. Bel is broken by hitting it on a hard surface , then pulp adds in the grinder with a little water and squash it. Then use its squash with sugar , water and ice and can enjoy Bel k sharbat at home.. 

Bel ka sharbat
Bel ka sharbat

Coconut water

Coconut water is a natural refreshing is good for health too. It is found in every market . Coconut water is sold at every nook and corner on the streets in Delhi. Road side coconut shop vendors have coconut in huge quantity. When some one buy the fresh coconut from them , they chop off the top portion and insert a straw and place it in your hands. After you finish drinking it, you can even ask them to cut it in half and enjoy the creamy textured , tender coconut jelly ( in hindi it is called naariyal ki malai) . Many people ask to shop wala to pack the coconut’s creamy portion.  

Coconuts for sale


Who doesn’t love this hearty Punjabi cooler ? Lassi is a classic traditional yogurt (dahi) based drink that is just not popular in Punjab but also in all India. Lassi is quite beneficial for our digestive system. It is light for stomach . It is also help to make bones stronger. It’s the best summer drink that founds in every where in the Delhi. Mostly lassi shops serves lassi in kulhar with lots of malai and Garnishes with almonds and cashew. Drinking lassi in kulhar add extra coolness. 



Sattu is a full of energy and easy to digest drink. It is very famous  in summers. It refreshes one’s mind and body. Sattu is a yummy and tasty beverage which is best to drink in summer days. It is commonly served cold , it’s made up in two ways,  one of the way’s , it is made sweet with sugar , water , and some fruits slices and another way’s,  sattu may be flavoured with green chili, lemon juice and salt. 

Rok Do Mere Janaaje Ko , Ab Mujh Mai Jaan Aa Rahi Hai, Aage Se Thoda Right Le Lo , Daaru Ki Dukaan Aa Rahi Hai………….


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