History of Mojito

The popularity of Mojito started in Cuba by Sir Francis Drake in 1500s . As per the story of that time it is said about his crew Were suddenly suffering from some illnesses for which they made medicine with rum combined with lime and sugar & mint which is called Mojito now. The cocktail increased popularity when it was featured in a James Bond Film and later in a Johnny Depp film.

History of Mojito
All flavour mix mojito

As the time passed there are many changes in Mojito . In India there are Classic mojito and virgin mojito.In today’s scenario Mojito is modified by best Bartenders and Mixologers . Most bars or bartenders have their own way to make the drink but the freshness and fragrance of the mint is key. It is easy to make Mojito.It requires few ingredients , most of which are available in your kitchen .Now we need to know in which glass this cocktail need to be served , it should be served in a Tom Collins glass. Any ice works with this drink but a mixture of crushed and cube ice works wonders.

Mojito The Perfect Summer Drink

Mojito is one of the most popular cocktail in the India. It is very fabulous drink. It is a simple and delightful cocktail that should be on every cocktails lovers list of favourite refreshing drinks.

Recipe of Mojito

Traditionally a classic mojito cocktail is made with White Rum

Recipe of Mojito
Recipe of Mojito


  • White Rum: (45ml)
  • Lime juice:   (30ml)
  • Simple syrup – 15 ml  (Sugar syrup) 
  • Fresh mint: 8-10 mint leaves
  • Castor sugar – 2 Tea spoon
  • Club soda: to top up
  • Straws
  • Garnish – mint Spring 
  • Garnish – lime wheel
  • Ice – Crushed ice 

You will also need :Cocktail Shaker,Cocktail muddler, Tom Collins glass Straws

How to make Mojito

Firstly Add 2 tea spoon caster sugar and 8 large mint leaves into the shaker  and muddle it. 

after muddling mint,  add 3 lime wedges and gently muddled it , Don’t muddle hardly or rashly otherwise it’s taste gets bitter

 Add 30ml lime juice , 15ml sugar syrup and 45ml white rum ,then add 4 ice cubes to the cocktail shaker and cover and shake it well  for about 15-20 seconds until chilled.

Pour the whole mixture into a Tall glass and top off with club soda and crushed ice.

Garnish with fresh mint and lime wheels as per your choice. You can also use fresh orange wheels for garnishing. 

Note 1. This method is professional bartenders method you can also make it in indian style mojito 

Note 2. If you desire to make virgin mojito mocktail , here is the method .

Virgin Mojito 

In a glass / jar, add the mint leaves and sugar syrup.- Then add the lemon wedges and muddle it to extract all the juices.- Add the lemon juice and crushed ice. Then add the lemon based soda up to the top. – Stir slightly using a stirrer and serve immediately with some mint leaves and a lemon roundal.

Happy Mojito Day is Celebrated Every Year on 11 July.

Virgin Mojito
Virgin Mojito

The refreshing Virgin Mojito is ready.

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