The Margarita is the world’s most popular tequila based cocktail. It’s hard to say definitively that who created the Margarita and tracing its true origin is nearly impossible.

Everyone  has different story or theory and everyone is right or wrong. We commonly like the story of one Enrique Gutierrez who created the cocktail in the early 1940s in Tijuana, Mexico , as an homage to actress Rita Hayworth, whose real name was Margarita Cansino. There’s the another one story of the woman who requested a Magnolia in a bar in Ciudad Juarez  , but the bartender , forgot the recipe and improvised  the Margarita instead. Whatever its source or history , we are glad the Margarita’s here to stay. 



  1.  Tequila – 45 ml
  2. Cointreau – 15 ml 
  3. Lemon juice – 
  4. Coarse salt – to rim the glass
  5. Ice cubes – to to the shaker
  6. Lime slice – to garnish 

How to make Margarita

  1. Add the tequila and cointreau to a shaker full of ice.
  2. Add the lemon juice into the shaker and shake well. 
  3.  Wipe the rim of the Margarita glass with the lime wedge , then dim the rim in a plate of salt. 
  4. Strain the drink carefully into the glass. 
  5. Garnish with the lime slice and serve immediately. 

As the time changes , Margarita is modified, Now As the time changes , Margarita is modified, Now we have Frozen Margarita,  Daisy Margarita . People just love to have margarita. 

Margarita day is celebrated every year on 22 February in United State. 

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