The Caipiroska is very famous cocktails of Brazil , Uruguay ,Paraguay and Argentina. It’s famous Brazilian drink. A very special cocktail of summers. Caipiroska is similar to Caipirinha, using Vodka instead of cachaca as the spirit base.                  

First things first, cachaca . Basically we can think about it like rum as they both come from sugarcanes. The main difference is that rum comes from the byproduct of sugar production and cachaca gets fresh sugarcane juice. Many persons says that they’re cousins. It’s very simple to make with vodka, lime and sugar . Using a good quality vodka is best. You can make it with white sugar, cane sugar, brown sugar or turbinado sugar. No matter which sugar you use to make drink, it will taste very good. Using white sugar will result in a clearer drink and using turbinado sugar will result in a tan color drink. It is easy to make, potent, delicious and a regular at any party.  


  • Vodka  – 60 ml
  • Lime chunks – 6 pieces
  • Brown sugar – 1 tsp
  • lime juice – 10 ml
  • Sugar syrup – 10 ml
  • Crushed ice – to top up glass 
  • Glass type -old fashioned
  • Mint (option)


  1. Cut up a lime into quarters.
  2. Muddle the lime quarters in a rocks glass with sugar.
  3. Add Vodka and top with crushes ice.
  4. Stir and serve.



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