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The story of Bloody Mary is interesting. According to a tale of an American bartender’s Fernand Petiot from New York and his creation of the cocktail in Paris. In 1920s , Petiot mixed tomato juice , vodka and made bloody Mary . Later when he moved to Manhattan he made the drink by adding salt, pepper, tobasco sauce and lemon juice . There are many opinions about , How bloody Mary got its name . As per the famous opinion the cocktail was named after MARY TUDOR, Queen of England, who was nicknamed “Bloody Mary” do or the rampage of killing she caused to re-establish the Catholic Church in England. 

Bloody Mary Cocktail

Bloody Mary is a most popular cocktail during December last week to February last week in New Delhi. Basically it is served in lunch event and mostly people love to have in the morning or in lunch.

perfect bloody mary recipe


Bloody Mary Cocktail
  • Vodka – 45ml
  • Tobasco sauce – 4 drops
  • Worcestershire – 4 drops
  • Black( rock) salt – a pinch 
  • Chaat masala – 2 pinch Fresh
  • lime juice – 20 ml
  • Black pepper – a pinch
  • Tomato juice – to top up
  • Ice cubes

Garnish-Cerely stick, Salt for rimming the glass, lemon moon.

Method :

01. Firstly pick up your glass ( old fashioned/ high ball ) and rim glass with lemon wedges. Place sea ( normal salt if don’t have sea salt) and salt the rim.

02. Add 3 ice cubes in a glass then add tobasco and Worcestershire sauce , lemon juice , black pepper , chat masala and black salt then pour tomato juice and vodka. 

03. Stir well with sterer and Garnish with cerely stick and lemon moon. Your drink is ready to serve . 

Bloody Mary day is celebrated on 1 January every year in America.

Enjoyed making your drink.

Note : You can make Virgin Bloody Marry by the same method. In Virgin Bloody Mary Vodka would not be added.


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